Amazing Ways To Use Kitchen Tongs|Silicone Food Tongs!

When it comes to cooking every day, one tool I can’t live without are my kitchen tongs, which I use to flip meat, toss stir-fries, serve salads, grab steaming hot corn, and much more. Cooking has become so much easier and faster with those food tongs, particularly the ones that have the silicone head and grip on the sides. For the longest time, I only knew and used the metal tongs, which were reserved mainly to barbeque and tossing salads. Then one day I saw Rachel Ray using those colorful ones with the silicone heads and grips, and I love it since then. After using them myself, I have to say, they are the best! But I had no idea there were four cool and creative uses for this everyday practical tool, including one that is especially helpful for short cooks like me.
I learned about the other useful tips from an article in Cook’s Illustrated, which shared four surprising and smart ways to use kitchen tongs beyond the usual flipping and turning of food. My favorite: Use a silicone cooking tongs to grab hard-to-reach goods. That comes in very handy as I’m only 5’2” and the silicone head in the tongs are non-slippery and perfect for grabbing food and smaller and lighter boxes and spice jars. If you are like me with short limbs battling high kitchen shelves, you can use kitchen tongs to reach up and grab boxes and other light, non-breakable items from the top shelf.
Three other unusual uses for tongs are:
1. As citrus reamers: Hold the metal tongs closed and push the end into cut citrus halves to juice them.
2. As bottle openers: Use the inner edge of a metal tong arm to catch and pop off bottle caps. That is harder and works only if you have a high-quality metal tong.
3. When you want to use meat forks: When carving a piece of meat, use tongs to steady it instead of a fork, and you won’t puncture the meat as you cut it. For that purpose I particularly like the silicone tongs that are colorful as they look presentable at the table. To me, it’s important to have a nice table presentation, which includes the proper place setting, flatware, and serving utensils.